About Resa Royale

About Resa Royale

You walk the trail that is often less traveled. You lead the way. You choose to experience opportunities rather than to remain on the sidelines. You want some fun and excitement in your life. I am like you. I am trailblazing the way with Resa Royale. (“Resa”- it is Swedish. It means “to travel”).

Years of work as a healthcare lawyer gave me opportunities to travel. I enjoyed the adventure of learning about the cultures of the places where I have traveled. I loved the art of these places- the architecture, food, music and particularly, fashion.  My favorite was the jewelry. I was drawn to the beauty, originality and richness of the jewelry.

Walking the trail less traveled, I ultimately embraced my interest in jewelry. I took the big step and transitioned to create a jewelry company unlike any other. Resa Royale offers the art of jewelry from across the globe. In this process, I began working with jewelry industry leaders in gemology, gem cutting, gem stringing, gem setting, fashion modeling, product packaging, marketing and information technology. Resa Royale was born.

Resa Royale offers an adventure for your discovery of jewelry that is far more than the sum of the jewelry parts.

My Story

Yes- I am still traveling, still adventuring, still discovering. I love every part of all of that- but, most of all, I love meeting you and helping you to be beautiful and to live your “best self”.

Join me on this adventure. Read our social media posts. Wear the jewelry. Be an ambassador of the jewelry. Share the experience of Resa Royale with others.

This, for me, is freedom of expression in art and in fashion. I love having you there with me. Thank you for being the uniquely wonderful person you are.

Post Script:

I have not been to all the countries that we feature. Sometimes I learn about the designer and reach out to them. I learn from them. Resa Royale provides a note with every piece of jewelry purchased, to describe the metal, gemstones, artist and/or country. The jewelry is wrapped beautifully with care instructions provided.

Catherine and her dog, Skye.