About Resa Royale

Resa Royale started with my experience of travel.  As I visited countries, I saw different jewelry.  I came to learn that jewelry was yet another art form- just as the architecture and food of countries differ from one country to the next.

When the time came to start Resa Royale, I chose the name “Resa” because it means “to travel” in Swedish.  The  word “Royale” simply identifies elegance.

We bring the art of the world of jewelry to you at Resa Royale.

As time passed, Resa Royale evolved.  Today we are able to source precious and semi-precious stones for you.  Whether it is an engagement ring or a special gift, we can help you create it or acquire it.

We offer jewelry services.  We access appraisal services, make jewelry and can help you with a  jewelry repair.  We want to be your jewelry service center.

Whether or not our jewelry and jewelry services inspire you, please take a moment for “Reflections for the Journey”, under the “Reflections” tab of the Header on our Home Page.  May these Reflections, written through my own faith journey, be an inspiration for you as we work together for a better tomorrow.

Catherine- Founder of Resa Royale, with the support of my best friend and love, Dale

My Story

Resa Royale was inspired through my love of travel. As I traveled, I fell in love with everything that was new to me- including the art of jewelry.  With each country, I noticed unique differences in the jewelry and I loved the differences.

Today our offerings have broadened to include jewelry services, to help meet your jewelry needs- whether for an engagement ring or another something special, as well as for repairs and appraisals.  Contact us for help with your jewelry needs.  It would be our pleasure to serve.

When you read the text that accompanies the art products on this website, know that these are my words.  This is my way of sharing with you the experience of the countries that the jewelry is from. I have experienced and/or studied each of the countries whose jewelry we present.

Only recently have I added my Reflections for the Journey.  I hope that these Reflections can be of value to you.  We could all use help in our efforts to empower one another.

Welcome to Resa Royale.  Catherine

Catherine with her dogs, Misty and Skye

Catherine with her dogs, Misty and Skye