I love the writings of Matthew Kelly, an Australian-born business and spiritual writer.  Matthew Kelly loves to say a couple of things.  One of my favorites is:   “Change your habits and you can change your life”.

I believe this.  I’ve seen it happen in my own life.

Here’s an example:  I could say:  “I wish I could have a better body”, but then if I don’t change my habits and if I live and eat and drink the same as I always have, then my body will not change.  It is impossible to have it change under conditions that are no different than they have always been.

If you don’t change what you eat and what you drink and how you live, then it is guaranteed- your body will not change.  You have to change what you do and how you treat your body – before your body can change.  To change, consider how you feed your body, what you give it to drink and what exercise you give to your body.  When you change your habits for your body, your body will change.

They say that if you consistently change what you do for 21 days, then you will have changed your habit and once you have changed your habit- you will change!

What do you need to change?  Start with one thing.  Then do it!  Do it for 21 days and see if you are different.  I guaranty that you will be!

If you want to change, change how you think about yourself.  I sell jewelry- so, I like to tell people that if you keep buying exactly the same things and think that it will give you a new and exciting difference in your appearance- then, just know- it won’t!  It is not going to happen!  Choose something different!  Choose to be different!  Once you have changed things up in your appearance, not only will other people take a second look at you- you will take a second look at yourself!

People will ask:  “What’s different about you”?  Here’s the answer:  “I’ve changed my habits and once I changed my habits, I changed myself”.

Choose to change for the best that you can be.

P.S.  That reminds me of another one of my favorite Matthew Kelly expressions:  “Become the best version of yourself”.

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