The Bible begins with the book of Genesis.  In these first chapters, God creates the world and seeing that it is good, God gathers the dust of the earth together. Into this clay sculpture, God blows His breath and in this act of breathing, God creates a living human being.  His gift of breath breathes the Holy Spirit into us- infusing us with love.  God’s breath is love.

For George Floyd, this breath that he was given by God at his birth, was taken from him.  A very broken police officer, some accompanying incapacitated police officers and some reticent onlookers, all caused or acquiesced when George Floyd’s last breath of air was taken from him.  We mourn George Floyd’s death and the lack of love that all of the people at the scene of this event demonstrated, all of whom had been choked from their own breath of courage, reason and action.  In every sense, we mourn the depravity of love that caused this horrific event.

What shall we do with our own breath?  Shall we use it to condemn everyone involved when there have been times in our lives when we have lacked courage to stand up to what we know to be wrong?  Would we have had the courage, the reason and the strength to have taken steps to change this course of events, were we to have been there ourselves?  Have we demonstrated in our families, our jobs and our communities that we are dedicated to being the person who acts to stop the negativity and the destruction?  Are we blowing the breath of love into the situations that we face in our own lives?

We are called to have the courage to be love, to live love and to show love to every person.

Come Holy Spirit.  Fill us with love.  Fill our hearts with kindness, empower us to be agents for courage, strength and forgiveness.  Help us to be your breath of love.  Teach us Lord for we are weak- to learn to love and to be love.

It is your breath of love, breathed through our love of one another, that will resuscitate this broken world in which we live.

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