Have you ever known God to get your attention despite everything that you may have done to avoid it?  It happened to me.

One bright Summer morning, when I believed that I had not a care in the World, everything in my life suddenly changed.  I heard words said to me that I never thought that I would hear.  But that bright Summer morning is when everything changed.  I was told: “You have cancer”.

After three surgeries, I was given time for R & R  for my body to heal before chemotherapy started.  During this time, I wandered into a church.  Down on my knees I prayed: “God, help me to hear your voice”.

From where did I get that prayer?  Had God gone so far as to help shape my prayer?  Where had this thought come from:  “Lord, help me to hear your voice”?  This is where the story- a very true story- takes on this interesting twist.

In response to my prayer, my brain had a thought that I have never known to think of my own accord.  It was a completely foreign thought- so, I can only surmise that maybe, just maybe, this was God talking to me.  Here is what I heard:  “Read the book:  Jesus Calling”.   Isn’t that the strangest thing?  I didn’t know of this book:  Jesus Calling.  I had not been introduced to this book to the best of my knowledge.  But- that is exactly what came to my brain as I said this prayer.

So, maybe you might be thinking that I went right out and bought the book:  Jesus Calling.  No, not me! I thought this Jesus Calling thing to be nonsensical and I tucked those words into the far reaches of my brain.  I dusted the words away and I went off.  I just let the whole thing drop in my mind and I left the memory of it all to wither in my past.  I lacked understanding and comprehension of the very prayer that I asked God to help me with:  “Let me hear your voice”.

But then, God is persistent.

About a month later, I had this memory rush forward in my mind when I opened my mailbox.  Inside my mailbox I found a small package from an aunt with a book inside.  It was a note of support.  The book?  You guessed it:  Jesus Calling.  There it was, a copy of that book that I had only recently heard about in this strange thought as I knelt in church.  It was a real book and now by some strange coincidence, I was holding a copy of the book in my hands.

God – yes, He can be very insistent! In my case though, He has to work overtime!  He had to hit me over the head!!

Then, about a week later, and a second copy of the book: Jesus Calling appeared in my mailbox from another person.

And wait for this- it didn’t end!  Again and again the pattern repeated.  I received another, then another, then another copy of the book- more and more copies of Jesus Calling.

I got something like 20 copies of the book.  I got them in the mail.  They were dropped off at the house.  I had them personally presented.  You name it!  They kept coming! It happened over and over and over again.  People told me that they continued to feel a need to go out and buy the book for me.  They said that it was a “nagging” sense that they experienced as their minds told them:  “Go and buy Catherine Jesus Calling”.

I have read the book, to be certain.  I kept for myself a beautiful copy of the book.  It has a pink leatherette cover.

The many other copies of the book I gave away.  When I told someone about my experience, if a person remarked  that they should read the book, I gave them a copy from my personal library.  Yes, that library- complete with only one book:  Jesus Calling.

Jesus Calling has a message of love for all people of every faith tradition.

God just has a way of getting our attention- despite everything we do!  And me, I’m still asking for help to listen to His voice.  Cancer free.

Resa Royale  www.ResaRoyale.com

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