If you could paint a picture of what love looks like, what would it be like?  Imagine that this picture of love is created only from nature.  What would it be like?

As time passes, it seems to me that my picture of love looks like this:  At the bottom of the picture, love is like a valley.  It is full of brightly colored flowers.  The sheer space that the flowers have is broad and wide.  One color moves into another in this explosion of color.  The flowers have their thin stems and the heads of the flowers blow easily in the wind.  It is so beautiful to look at all of the color and the unique design that the flowers have.

And then, imagine that time passes.  The painting depicts an ascent up a mountain.  Notice that there are these brightly colored flowers, but the flowers are interspersed with bushes.  Some small.  Others larger.  Some of the bushes have their own flowers.  Many of the bushes have leafy branches.  The flowers and bushes are growing from the incline at the base of the mountain.

And then time passes.  And the mountain gets steeper as love climbs.  The bushes have broader branches and they have deeper roots.  The bushes have a better stronghold against the incline of the mountain.  There are some trees along this path- their trunks are lean and their height is low, but they scatter about this breadth of the mountain.

And then time passes.  And the mountain terrain has a higher vantage point.  The view of the area below is clear.  You can see the bright colored flowers below but there are fewer of them around the path as you walk.  Now instead, there are more trees and the trees have thicker, stronger trunks and the bushes have thicker branches.  The leaves of the trees and bushes have grown bigger.  And as time continues to pass, the bushes are almost trees as they push their height and expand their breadth.  The mountain walk allows a better view of what is on top of the mountain.  From this vantage point, what is below has become blurred, without its sharp definition.  Instead, it has become an impression of color that has run together.

And time passes.  And eventually, you are at the top of the mountain looking down.  Now, all that is below takes on that broad brushstroke of color with its blurred definition.  Nothing is clearly visible but the overall perspective.  The perspective is better than it has been before.  You can see above you as you have never seen before.

For me, this is my picture of love.  I share this with you, upon the marriage of my beloved niece, Sarah, to her partner, Ben.***

I send my best to all of you.  As always, if we can serve you by helping with any jewelry need- whether to help you to buy jewelry, to create jewelry, for an appraisal or for a repair, we are here for you.  Resa Royale.   www.ResaRoyale.com

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