If you haven’t started to dream about life with all that it can hold for you- I hope that you find this Reflection an invitation to do just that!  If I can help you to feel beautiful with the perfect Resa Royale jewelry- I would love that!  Please check out our website (www.ResaRoyale.com) and/or email me at Catherine@ResaRoyale.com or call me toll-free at (877)-496-9454.  It means the world to me to help to make your day nicer.

So many people tell me that as Covid drags on- that they need a little “pick me up”.  What makes you feel good in the midst of “it all”?

Here is my own “self help” list.  5 great things to do.  Maybe there is something in here that you might like.

  1. Sit in silence for a while every day. In silence I get a chance to stop- to review how well I may or may not have listened.  I try to think about what I learned during the day and to reflect on what opportunities I have missed.  It leaves a space for God to speak to me- without so much noise that otherwise prevents me from hearing.  I can otherwise pretty easily be unable to hear!
  2. Accomplish something.  Here’s something I can accomplish:  Reading a book.  I especially like to read books about someone I admire and that I would like to emulate.  Every time I do that, I learn about the tremendous difficulties people that I admire have suffered.  I realize that their courage and character were crafted only after they were sculpted by very hard times.  It just reinforces for me that the people that I admire most have not had it easy.  I hope to learn from their experiences.
  3. Do a kind deed.  It is incredible to me that by doing something for someone else, I really have no idea if the other person feels better about themselves and their own situation, but it makes me feel good about myself.  It is a double reward- one kind deed has twice the positive effect.
  4. Laugh a little.  There are more choices for comedy in movies, series shows and books than ever before- and the creativity of some of these is fantastic.  When the tears of laughter roll down my cheeks, it is just the best feeling in the world.  If you don’t know of good comedies, ask your friends or check out reviews online.  There are some great apps available for the culmination of reviews.
  5. Create something new.  Putting things together in the kitchen is a great talent.  I don’t happen to have that talent- but I really appreciate those that do!  Instead, I love to help people feel beautiful, recognizing their beauty.  If I can make a person smile with just the right wardrobe or accessories- it makes me feel like a million bucks.  I also love to write- and when I can do that in a meaningful way, it makes me feel good.  Your talent might be music or art or gardening or construction or design- but we each have talents and using them to create something wonderful is fantastic!

Let me know if I can do anything for you.  It would make my day.  In the meantime, stay well and enjoy a good laugh today!  With all my best to you.

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