On a walk in our mountainside desert area this week, I saw the strangest thing. From a rock grew a tree.  The tree trunk rested against the side of this rock, with the trunk supported by the rock.  The tree seemed to boast its strength.  How unlikely.  How wonderful.  We had had a strong wind the night before, as the seasons are changing and the winds are ushering in the cooler weather.  As tree branches lay across the landscape, here was this tree- holding strong and proudly boasting its branches and leaves.

This scene made my mind race in a million different directions.  How many times have I found myself in situations in which I knew that I had to be strong in the face of difficulty?  How many times did I have to accept my fear and walk ahead with courage? We have all been there.  And was there a rock for support?

I thought about the many people in history that have had to have courage and I wondered what might their rock of support have been?  My Aunt Catherine took a case to the Illinois Supreme Court in about 1940, to petition the Court for women to be able to divorce their husbands without cause- a right that had long belonged to men.  To be sure- there were no female Illinois Supreme Court justices to consider her case!  We each know a story of someone close to us that has had courage to speak up or to act in the face of challenge, perhaps even to their own detriment.

For me- I am always sure that I have the rock of God’s love and support reminding me that I am never alone as I walk into challenges.  If I hear and feel the strength of conviction to do something or to say something that is uncomfortable, but which I know is what God asks for me to do, then I know I will have His rock supporting my otherwise frail trunk, my weak branches and my insignificant leaves.  When the winds blow, I know that I will have the support I need.  May we all feel that strength of a rock supporting us!

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