How many times have you heard it said, or have you said to others: “I am not as smart as you are” or “I didn’t get the opportunities that you got” or “We did not have the money that you had”. The list could go on and on. Of course, we got talents and abilities and opportunities- but we often see ourselves in light of what we did not or do not have.

But imagine for a moment that whatever talents and abilities and opportunities that we each received- imagine that those talents and abilities and opportunities are not a part of our lives by chance. What if the fact that we have them is not even because we were somehow entitled to them or that we “earned” them? What if we did not get them because we “deserved” them?

What if instead, those gifts were given to us for a purpose? What if they are not what WE did or what we received by OUR efforts? Consider this: the talents and abilities and opportunities that we have were provided to us for God’s purpose.

We each have a purpose for our lives. God gave each of us a purpose for our lives. We were created with gifts- but, not just in order to sustain ourselves,but in order to give those gifts away to others. Our purpose is for one another.

Perhaps when we next have that “easy” thing completed, perhaps we might think: “How am I to use that talent for God’s purpose?” The more we think about that, the better our chance that the answer to that question will be understood. And perhaps, we will understand that other people got their talents and abilities and opportunities for their purpose from God and for God.

With that understanding, it is time to let go of wanting what they have!! It is time to get to work on what we have. On ourselves. And on God’s purpose for us.

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