We live in a society that has a label for everything. There’s a label on the clothes we wear. There’s a label for the food we eat. There’s a label for the generation in which we were born. We are even told that others can tell a lot about who we are and how we think by virtue of the color of our skin or how we vote, our faith or our sexual orientation. It is as if there is a pre-determined thought process that comes with all of these labels that we have (or have been given). It is as if someone can talk about who we are without ever having met us.

But nothing could be farther from the truth! Who we are has nothing to do with labels. We are that voice within us that God gave us that makes us uniquely ourselves. That voice is God. How could God ever be limited or defined by a label?

What does that voice inside of you invite you to become? How does God manifest His glory in you? Unquestionably, it is something fantastic.

Embrace who you are!

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